Get A Free Car From A Charitable Organization

You may get a free car from an organization or charity that is affiliated with your local government. For example, the Department of Social Services in many states offers low-income families free cars when they can demonstrate that owning a car would improve their ability to work, take their children to school or attend medical appointments. The National Children’s Cancer Society offers similar assistance to children and their families. Here’s everything you need to know if you are asking how to get a free car.

Who is Eligible to Get a Free Car?

Needy individuals

Some charitable organizations provide cars directly to needy individuals. Other organizations, such as Goodwill Industries, accept donated cars and provide them to people who need transportation to work or school but cannot afford a car.

Low-income earners

You can get a free car if you have a low income and need one to get to work, school, seek medical treatment, or attend job training. If you’re on welfare (TANF) or other government assistance, your state may provide a free vehicle. If not, charities and nonprofit organizations may be able to help.

Most of these programs are only available in certain states and for people who meet specific income guidelines. You’ll need to apply to find out if you qualify. In addition, you may need to pay part of the cost of the vehicle.

You can also use nonprofits that accept donated cars and give them to families in need. These programs are located across the country so check with local organizations as well as national ones.

Disabled people

Agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) can provide adapted vehicles for people who’ve been disabled due to an accident or illness. Their goal is to help people with disabilities become employed or maintain their current jobs by providing transportation assistance. Check with your state VR agency for details about eligibility and how the program works in your area.

If you don’t qualify for the vocational rehabilitation program, other charities give away cars based on financial need. Cars from Charity is one example of a car donation program that provides free cars to low-income families. The organization works with various charities to find people in need of transportation

The application process requires proof of income and residency. If you’re approved for a car, you’ll be given a list of available vehicles to choose from.

What to Do If You Need a New Car

If you need a car, start by contacting your local Department of Human Services (DHS). They will know about any local charities that can help you with transportation. They may also help you find other ways to get around without owning a car, like mass transit options and other organizations that can provide transportation assistance.


Many charities provide free cars to low-income families. These charities provide cars to people who don’t have the means to purchase a car or have other special needs, like having a car to get them to and from work. The qualifications vary by charity, but they are often based on financial need, having a job, and other circumstances.

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