Noise Barrier: Working And Advantages

Noise is an acoustic event caused by a mixture of non-harmonic vibrations or unwelcomed sounds. Noise has been dubbed “everyday terror” by some studies. Depending on the level of noise, it can impair the capacity to hear either instantly or for a lengthy period in a noisy environment.

Noise has been shown to have negative effects on the human body and mind. This is where the highway sound barrier plays an important role. The main negative consequences in terms of physical health are elevated blood pressure, depression, and stomach ulcers, while the psychological effects include making communication difficult, instilling fear, making people aggressive, preventing creative occupations, fatigue, instilling stress, preventing sleep, and lowering the value of resting time.

Principle On Which Noise Barriers Works

Sound waves can be thought of as a succession of rays emitted from the source. The sound from the source will either travel in a straight line to the receiver or will travel indirectly by reflection or diffraction. The direct passage from the source to the receiver is avoided by constructing a highway sound barrier between the source and the receiver.

The range, elevation, and design of the barrier between the source and receiver should all be addressed when evaluating the noise reduction effect of environmental noise barriers. The noise-canceling barrier should be established between the source and the receiver before making this assessment. The nearer a sound barrier is to the source, the more effective it is at reducing noise.

Advantages Of Sound Barriers

  1. Highway sound barriers are made in the form of panels that are ready to use. Sound Barrier panels can be transported and installed in one piece. The sound barrier’s installation is simple and quick due to the lack of additional workers. It can withstand any form of accident or crash without cracking or breaking. They’re ideal for subway constructions that need to hold a lot of weight.
  2. Increasing population, traffic, and aspirations for quality of life are all happening at the same time. In the development and operation of road and railway networks, noise has become a significant issue. As a result, noise barriers and road noise reduction fences, which are excellent solutions for minimizing traffic-induced noise, appear as a necessary and visible component of the road and rail network.
  3. Noise barriers must be extremely durable and in a structured form. It is required to be indestructible and free of fractures, holes, and open joints. The panels are long-lasting, weather-resistant building materials that can be used in every climate zone in Turkey. In panel joining regions, they connect with the lighting characteristic structure.


Noise has many harmful consequences on human health and comfort. Depending on the amount of noise we are exposed to, there is a chance of developing a variety of health problems, including permanent hearing loss. As a result, different legal arrangements are formed to take the required steps to live in a healthy environment. Highway sound barriers are a very effective strategy to reduce traffic noise in the surroundings. It is the most extensively used approach for noise reduction around the world.

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