Different Scuff Tests Used For The Right Assessment Of Your Product

To get clarity on a better lifestyle of the product, many things should be considered. The effect of the abrasion on the product can be undesirable and it can even reduce its overall lifecycle. Different terms describe the damage that is caused due to abrasion such as wear, scuff, marring, and so on. There are however professional companies that offer scuff testing to understand how the life cycle of the product can be improved in a better manner.

The reason to use the scuff tester

For the beginner, this probably is going to be a new word in their knowledge book. But the fact is to ensure the polishing, orienting, or painting service lasts for a long time, it needs to be abrasion-resistant. It is however possible with scuff testing. This process would ensure that human users will not affect the product and even its regular contact on dual abrasion surfaces will be stimulated rightly. Lusted is an efficient test to not miss out.

Understanding different types

There are various forms of scuff testing however; the owner can choose the inexpensive one to understand if the product can have lasting durability. If there is an abrasive product, it is quite common to understand the abrasive material effects on the products that are intended or the components of the package system.

  • Sutherland Rub Test

This type of testing is done to see if the product matches the industrial standards. It helps to evaluate the rub or scuff resistance of coated or painted surfaces, films, paper, and even paperboard to name some.

  • Taber Abrader

This method helps in understanding the surface resistance to the rubbing abrasion. There will be some sample that is mounted on the turntable which shall rotate. If it gets damaged due to two abrasive wheels then the product is not durable. The test severity however can be changed with the different wheels being used under different loads.

  • Abrasion Test

This test is efficient too. It is used for testing different product types and even materials. This tester can accommodate different products and is quite an adjustable one. It shall determine the load pressure, cycle speed, and length of the stroke.

  • Scuff Tester

This scuff testing is also called the rotary rub. It is equipment that shall test the substances that are printed such as paper board for the rubbing, scuffing, and even smudging while 2 circular samples get rubbed against one another in the rotary motion under a specified pressure at a certain speech for some rubs number.


Other than this there are more such test options available to administer the lifecycle of the product after the abrasion effect. No matter whether there is a medical device that shall soon be out in the market or some pharmaceutical, label legibility is crucial. It is often tested by a professional company who shall take care of the whole process.

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