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With the growth in technology came the automotive application programming interface (API). This software is essential in helping different applications or their components communicate with each other. In this era, automotive APIs have grown to become valuable and have been integrated into many websites. They are the hooks that permit car applications to communicate with different software platforms and applications. They retrieve data about the exact environment around the car and proceed to issue decisions from the collected information. An excellent example of automotive APIs is the VIN decoder API. This article will explore how automotive APIs work and the types of automotive APIs in the market.

The Types of Automotive API Actions

There are four kinds of automotive API actions. These are highlighted below.


This action involves asking for information from a server.


This is the action where the API transmits new data to a given server.


This API action involves making changes to the existing information in the server.


The API can also remove existing data from a given server.

Types of Automotive APIs in the Market

Below are some of the renowned automotive APIs currently in use.

Inventory Search API

The Inventory Search API is an automotive API performing the ‘Get’ function on a server. The API is able to access several data from the respective server. The information includes the certified vehicles for sale in the US, the private party listings, auction list data, and the videos and photos of a private listing. In addition, they can also retrieve data on the photos and videos of an auction listing, features and options of vehicles, and perform the auto-complete feature.

VIN History API

The VIN History API performs the ‘Get’ function on respective servers. They can retrieve data by checking out the history of an online car listing for a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Dealer API

The Dealer API is another type of automotive API. It performs a ‘Get’ function where it can access the car dealers located in a given location and identify the car dealers’ information using their ID.

Basic VIN Decoder API

The Basic VIN Decoder, which performs a ‘Get’ function, can decode a Vehicle Identification Number to its specs. Additionally, it can retrieve unique taxonomy tokens.

Enhanced VIN Decoder API

The Enhanced VIN Decoder API decoded all the specs and data from a vehicle identification number.

Market APIs

The Market APIs are critical in helping to get the sales stats for vehicles dating back to ninety days using the model, make, year, state, and other parameters. The API can also get the most popular vehicles in Canada and US on the city, state, or national level. Finally, it can also fetch the Market Days Supply value of any vehicle.


The automotive APIs come in handy to provide essential information about vehicles. This information can help people make sound decisions before purchasing a vehicle, choosing a car dealer, or researching vehicles. The above-mentioned automotive APIs are some renowned APIs; however, there are more automotive APIs in the market that provide diverse information about cars. Therefore, the continuous growth of APIs will continue revolutionizing the automotive field.

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