How to Apply Mascara for Maximum Volume and Length

For those looking to beautify their eyelashes and lash lifts, a good coat of mascara would do the trick. However, applying it can be challenging, especially for the beginners or when late for work.

But don’t worry, this article provides a guide for a perfect way to make fuller and fluttery eyelashes to finish and polish the stunning appearance. Also included is damage-free guidance to help lengthen or darken the lashes.

Here is what to do:

Choose the Best Formula

It’s always wise to work from a plan. So, the first thing is choosing a formula that would best suit the preferred style and appearance and then working towards meeting it. Those with sparse lashes should consider using 28 day mascara to color and add volume to the lashes. At the same time, individuals with short lashes should look for lengthening mascara having a spikier.

Clean the Eyes and Lashes

Before applying the preferred formula, ensure the eyes and lashes are clean and no traces of any dirt or makeup. This would ensure there is no clumping. Also, wipe off any excess formula. Sure, there are high chances of experiencing some formula coming out when opening a new tube. So, wipe out any excess spills. To do so, scrap the wind against the lip of the formula used.

Start Applying The Formula.

First, start by coating the lashes, then commence the application process. Get the 28 day mascara or any other preferred formula close to the root of the lashes. Then, pull the lashes upwards as much as possible while moving the mascara from the top lash through to the tip.

Once the upward coating is over, please look down and, following the same process, apply mascara to the backside of the lashes. But for the lashes that are close to the eye, use the upward and inward application method. This would help widen the appearance of the lashes or increase the length of the lashes.

Also, don’t forget to do the “in-between coats.” So, use a small shadow brush to dust the lashes with beauty powder. This ensures that mascara clings to the lashes hence thicker eyelashes. Please do the same to small and sparse lashes to ensure they are wide.

Add A Little Heat

There can be times when the mascara starts to get clumpy. If that happens, apply some heat to help thin the formula back to its normal state. Just ensure the lip is tightly secured and place it in a glass of hot water.

De-Clump Any Excess Mascara

If the application goes a little clumpier than expected, use a new eye brush to gently comb the lashes and ensure they don’t completely get off, forcing a fresh start.

Do The Finishing Touches.

Congratulations on reaching this stage. Now apply some liner and curl the lashes to achieve lash payoff. Also, customize the lash by changing the angle of the mascara for a more desired and natural look.

Finally, it can be hard to apply mascara, but following the above guide would ensure a lengthen and tick lashes for a perfect look.

Feivel Irwin

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