Important Tips To Reduce Fuel Economy Of Your Forestry Equipment

You would be using a variety of forestry equipment like logging equipment, mulchers, etc. When you take proper care of the equipment, you can increase the uptime and duration of your forestry equipment. It is required that you learn about the significance of proper lubrication, and filtration, right service periods and other guidelines to get the most out of your machines.

Factors that influence fuel consumption of a forestry machine:

Minimize drag resistance

As per expert opinion, the amount of fuel consumed depends on the type of equipment. These differences are explained by various factors such as machine design, the working method of the operator, and engine technology. Buying the wrong machine for your job can cause an influence on fuel consumption. is a leading seller of wood trailers, loaders, forestry equipment, and spare parts. The firm offers services in Laurier station, Drummondville, and La Guadeloupe cities in Quebec, Canada.

Equipment Selection

The type of equipment you select also impacts the fuel efficiency of the equipment. It is important to choose accessories properly and then use it appropriately to reduce fuel consumption.

Engine Power

Engines are highly efficient when they are run at the speed where they build maximum torque and use 75% of it. Such an engine consumes less amount of fuel. If the machine needs less power, then operators need to lower engine speed to maintain a high yield torque.

Also, it is advised that workers involved in forestry businesses should avoid moving in the woods at high engine speed. Operating the engine at moderate speed saves fuel economy, and also lower repair, and maintenance costs without reducing productivity.

Control Pollution

It is advised to reduce particulate matter, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and unburned hydrocarbons, as they are seen to increase fuel consumption.

The Fan

Hydraulically driven fans at variable speed and thermostatic fans reduce fuel consumption when the cooling system of the machine is up to the job. A fan that runs continuously at high speed consumes a lot of fuel around 1-2 L/h. Make sure not to run your fan at full speed at all the time.


The design, operating conditions, and maintenance practices of forestry machines influence fuel consumption. You need to lower the impact of increased heightened fuel prices by buying new equipment that offers low consumption of fuel. Learn about the right ways to maintain and operate the equipment to reduce fuel consumption.

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