Top Rare Coins You Must Have in Your Collection

Many people love collecting coins. They like to gather scarce coins as it adds value and beauty to their coin collection. Scarce coins are the ones that are very primitive and ancient. There is a wide range of collection of affordable scarce coins available in the market. We are listing some of the top varieties that you must include in your collection.

How to buy rare coins?

Once can get premium quality coins with growth potential to suit their budget. Understanding the way to buy best quality investment rare coins and ways to take benefit of their value is the best assurance of security and profits. It is worth noting that you must purchase these coins from any reputable dealer and get them certified via a 3rd third party grading service.

1909-S V.D.B. Lincoln Cent

The design of rare coins honors the “100th” birth anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln. Soon after its release, it became instantly popular among people. Three initials are placed on the backside of the coin by the designer Victor David Brenner of that time.

Given its rarity, the “1909-S VDB” coin is seen to be the “Holy Grail”. Unfortunately, for people who are fond of collecting Lincoln pennies, this coin will be the last one that can get added in the coin collection.

1921 Peace Dollar

The design of this coin is done by the designer Anthony DeFrancisci. This coin was produced in 1921. The idea behind releasing this coin was to remember the peace and calmness that took place after the “Great War”.

This peace coin was proposed by Former American President Farran Zerbe. Later designer DeFrancisci came up with a stunning design symbolic of liberty on the front and harmony signified on the reverse.

1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

This is the third most valuable scarce coin that you must get in your coin collection.  In the year 1878, the US Congress approved the “Bland-Allison Act” that needed the U.S. government to buy bulk amounts of silver and then convert it into silver dollars.

The famous engraver George T. Morgan made this coin design for a half dollar.  Owning this rare coin will definitely add character to your coin collection.


Many people are fond of collecting scarce coins. All these coins are the best to be added in your existing coin collection.

Feivel Irwin

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