Why is Xfinity TV the best option if you are looking for a cable TV service?

The Xfinity TV is a part of the Comcast network. As you must know, it is incredibly reliable and overall an excellent TV provider service. It has TV plans that are available in many price ranges. However, is it worth the amount that you have to pay? The reason Xfinity is at the top is that it has a pretty fair channel-to-dollar ratio. The basic package of Xfinity TV starts from a meager price of $50 per month. It is also the most widely available cable service provider in the large nation of the US. If you look at Xfinity TV, their pricing does not seem complicated on the budget. However, there are many other fees also present in the mix that you must consider before you decide to after their service. Let’s understand more details about Xfinity channels, their contract, and DVR services so that you can make an informed decision if you wish to go ahead with Xfinity TV.

Advantages of choosing Xfinity Internet

  • Xfinity Internet is extremely widely available.
  • They have a one-year contract pricing option.
  • X1 DVR of Xfinity Internet has a lot of storage space as per the cost.

Why should you not choose Xfinity Internet?

  • The fees of add ONS and extras are pretty huge.
  • You can upgrade to the package that Xfinity prefers, but it will cost you more. It may not even be the right package for you.

Xfinity Internet

Xfinity is pretty fair when it comes to the number of channels and the pricing. If you decide to go ahead with Xfinity Internet, you will be able to avail two options one option in which you opt for a one-year contract; you pay a lower price. The other option is to opt for the plan with no contract, but you pay more. If you go ahead with the extra or preferred plus pack, you will have to sign a one-year contract over the services. However, if you decide to go with preferred and digital starter, you will not have to opt for the contract option.

If you compare Xfinity TV with the other cable TV services like Cox and spectrum, Xfinity is a little towards the expensive side in the case of the basic package. However, if you decide to go with the channels, you will be availing of better options.

The extra package of Xfinity offers to provide customers with over 140 channels. However, the other competitors don’t provide so many channels along with their entry-level packages. Xfinity is a pretty trustworthy company. They will also provide you with all popular channels. Therefore, if you’re ready for the commitment, you can sign the contract and save around $240 to $360 for one full year.

Let’s look at the different packages of Comcast Xfinity.


  • The price of this plan is $49.99
  • You will be availing of over 140 channels in this plan.

Preferred plus

  • The price is $59.99 dollars.
  • You will be availing of over 220 channels in this plan.

Digital starter

  • The price is $70.99 dollars.
  • You will be availing of over 140 channels in this plan.

Digital preferred

  • The price is 89.49 dollars.
  • You will be availing of over 220 channels in this plan.

Aside from offering languages in English, the international add ONS and packages of Xfinity are also offered in multiple languages like Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Brazilian, Korean, Chinese from Portuguese, Filipino, Russian, French, South Asian, German, Spanish, Greek, Israeli and Vietnamese.

Contracts in case of Xfinity Internet

Like most other Internet service providers, Xfinity also has contracts for its customers. However, the contract may prove more beneficial to you. If you decide to go for signing an agreement of one year, you will be saving 20 to $30 every month during the first year. However, even though you can save money during the first year with the packages like preferred plus or extra, regular pricing will be automatically applied to your bill from the second year and onwards.

The extra plan of Xfinity usually is $49.98 per month for the first year. However, once you reach the second year, the price increases to $70. In the case of the preferred plus plan, the monthly plan is $59.99 dollars every month. However, during the second year, the price will rise to $88.50 per month. In the case of the digital starter plan, the monthly fee is $70.99. After the second year starts, the price will be $75.49 per month. In the case of the digital preferred plan, the regular price is $89.49 per month, which increases to $93.99 per month after a period of 12 months.

If you are looking for a good Internet service provider, you should look no further than Xfinity Internet.

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