Factors to Consider When Performing Cloud Acceleration 

Advancement in technology has seen more organizations deliver quality content to consumers through cloud acceleration. Cloud acceleration ensures quick delivery of data content. It is a fast and secure cloud delivery of data, and many organizations are embracing it.

Suppose you want to use Cloud Acceleration without running into errors and incurring losses. In that case, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration, and this article will guide you through the factors.

Hardware and Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a significant factor in cloud migration. When your organization wants to become nimble digitally, consider hardware and infrastructure. This is from building a road map to cloud acceleration. Different parts of the cloud may need an infrastructure placement. Control also the hardware components and optimize them to practical implications.

Data Migration  

Consider your data migration because cloud accelerators have scripts that sniff out any problem in data migration, looking at the overall landscape. According to the nature of the landscape, infrastructure data in the cloud may be provided—a plan on how to move data to various sources in the cloud.

The planning strategy of data migration can be complicated, but you can consult an interim service provider to take you through the configuration process.


Security is a critical factor because applications moving to the sky are prone to data risks. Understand the security measures on the ground level and make strict regulations for your data security because customers’ fault causes 95% security failure. Have strict measures to protect your data privacy when it moves to the cloud.

App Migrations

Depending on your preference, you might choose app migrations to go cloud-agnostic or cloud-native.

App migrations run through scans giving information on the data shifted on the cloud. The scan draw diagram network will inform you whether other applications are operating.

CI/CD Enablement  

After conduction app migration, the next factor to consider should be driving improvements and optimizing the apps. Continuous deployment and continuous integration will help your organization’s processes flow smoothly. This is made more accessible because cloud accelerators have cript5s designed in AWS formation or ARM cloud formation.

When a customer declines to work with a particular cloud operator, a cloud-native approach is taken. Accelerators are flexible in that they can move from one vendor to another.

Operational Excellence

In instances where resources become unnecessary, operator experts will advise you on what to do. It would be best to consider getting rid of extra resources to cut costs and save up on space in either case.

Operational excellence aims at making the app easy to use, monitor, and configure over time. Several tools are run on the architecture to facilitate this.

In conclusion, the above-discussed factors are mainly used by companies trying to cut down costs when moving to the cloud. However, cloud acceleration can be a considerable risk to your business if you don’t have the right expertise and tools. Take your time to read and internalize the factors before practicing cloud migration.

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Feivel Irwin

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