Types Of Single Board Computers

SBC or single-board computers are made on a circuit board and are designed as development systems. These computers do not depend on expansion slots like desktops and are made using several microprocessors.

Raspberry Pi is the most popular SBC today since it can be used for many purposes. This computer can be used for DIY projects or when learning to code. However, the Raspberry is not the ultimate solution for all tinkerers, even though you can do many things with it.

Sbc computers have become more common today and are available in many types that we will discuss below.

  1. Onion Omega2+

The Onion Omega+ is available for $12, making them the most affordable IoT devices in the market. This computer operates on LEDE and gives its owners flexibility. The Omega 2+ runs on a customized Linux version, making it ideal for all IoT-related tasks.

This computer is available on most online sites and has the following specs;

  • USB 2.0
  • MT7688
  • 128 MB DDR2 RAM
  • MicroSD slot
  • 4GHz.
  • NVIDIA Jetson

The Nvidia Jetson is an excellent alternative to Raspberry Pi computers. They are expensive, with the average costing $98, but ideal for developers and tinkerers.

Its main specifications are;

  • 4GB RAM
  • HDMI 2.0 display
  • Quad-core ARM
  • 128-core GPU.
  • Clockwork Pi

Clockwork Pi is ideal if you want to assemble a gaming console since it is included n the GameShell kit. This computer is available for $50 and has a compact size. It also boasts WI-FI connectivity and an HDMI port. These features make the Clockwork Pi computer ideal for many tasks.

Its main specifications are;

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 400 MP2 GPU
  • R16-J Quad-core Cortex.
  • Raspberry Pi 4

This single-board computer is updated and has the best-quality Quad-Core Broadcom. Its board is made to utilize 30% less power, and it works 80% better than the old version. The Pi 4has upgraded software that ensures faster performance.

The Raspberry Pi 4 also boasts an increased transfer speed, and it is ten times better than USB 2.0, giving you an excellent internet experience. This computer is available in 4GB RAM, but other versions have 1 or 2.

  • Odroid-XU4

Odroid-XU4 is a high-power and cost-effective option with an Ethernet port for faster connections. Their boards have a cooler and an adapter, making them more appealing. It is possible to run the board on several operating systems, giving you many options.

The Odroid-XU4 can be a perfect gift for a child, but it should be placed in a good case. It has outstanding data speeds due to the ethernet interfaces. The fast speed feature is needed to support complex processing activities.

The main specifications in this computer are;

  • USB 3.0
  • HDMI 1.4
  • MicroSD slot
  • 2GB RAM.
  • Libre Renegade SBC

The Libre Renegade SBC is ideal if you are looking for an affordable computer to set up a file server or area storage. It has strong inbuilt hardware and 4GB RAM. This computer is 50% faster than Raspberry Pi, and it is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, that lacks in most boards.

This computer is beneficial because you can quickly turn it into a file server or NAS.

  • ASUS Tinker Board

It is possible to use the ASUS Tinker Board as a computer, and it boasts enough power for image editing and web browsing. Its board has the Rockchip RK3288 that is found in most tablets. This board also has a 2GB RAM that plays complete HD and UHD clips with hardware acceleration support.

The ASUS Tinker board has a feature not found in most SBCs, HD codecs that support audio. It also entails a 30-pin GPIO interface and a MIPI connection for touchscreens. This board also boasts a MIPI connection that makes it compatible with other cameras.

  • Arduino Mega

The Arduino Mega computer board is similar to other Arduino boards in the market, but it handles more challenging tasks. This board has many memory pins that improve your performance.

This specific board works on a 7-bit microcontroller and has better sketch spaces.

  • LattePanda

LattePanda is dissimilar to the above boards since it operates on a window program. It is equipped with an activation key from Windows 10, meaning you do not have to buy anything else for the board.

It is expensive and has two USB ports.

Final Thoughts

Single-board computers have become increasingly common, and it is hard not to see why. They have many advantages, and the above article has discussed a few. The guideline will help you when buying a CBC, and you can check out more online.

Feivel Irwin

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