What Are The Different Types Of Speakers?

Due to the world’s modernization, there are different types and varieties of speakers on the current market today. Durable speakers are a key solution to a probable audio experience. Pairing your record player with the right audiophile speakers provides excellent sound quality.

Speakers can be branded into diverse types according to their physical properties namely size and weight. Consequently purpose, connectivity, locations, and frequency range.

In this article, we are going to identify the different types of speakers that are suitable for your needs.

The Different Types of Speakers

With diverse varieties of speakers, it might prove hectic to identify which one suits your intended purpose. You need to identify what you plan to use the audiophile speakers for. Take note that the bigger the space, the more powerful your sound system should be.

Some of the speakers categorized according to size and location include the following;

  • Bookshelf Speakers

These are the kind of speakers that can be positioned on a shelf or top of a stand and they are a considerable alternative for tower speakers. We have different sizes of bookshelf speakers in the market namely small and medium-size with diverse price ranges and quality. If you have a budget, you can secure a quality pair of bookshelf speakers which are significant for a small space. Bookshelf speakers are essential for a small space as they can easily be positioned near the stereo system or the tv hence they are powerful to fill a room with sound.

  • Tower/Floor Standing Speakers

Tower speakers typically find their home on the floor. Often referred to as floor-standing speakers, most stretch up to five feet off the ground. Some tower speakers are tall which makes it possible for them to stand on the ground while others can be mounted on the wall. Due to their large size tower speakers tend to be louder than bookshelf speakers hence great performance capabilities. Tower speakers are usually customized to produce more bass thus they are essential for large spaces. The larger the speakers the higher the price.

  • Soundbar Speakers

This is a long bar type of speaker. Its primary purpose is to improve the audio Tv quality. The installation is often simple and easy as plugging a cord into your electrical sockets and then linking your audio or the HDMI cable to the Tv.

  • Built-in Speakers

Built-in speakers allow you to relish high-quality audio without filling your space. These types of speakers are usually concealed within the wall or ceiling. They are customized with a front panel as the wall serves as a full cabinet. The price of the built-in audiophile speaker and installation is usually less expensive than bookshelf speakers.

  • Subwoofers

Subwoofers speakers are essential when it comes to enjoying deep and high-rich bass notes. They are powered to amplify and adjust the sound or frequency to easily balance with the main speakers and environment more efficiently. The placement of the subwoofers is adversely affected hence canceling the sound base entirely. The location where you place the speaker is critical to producing a balanced sound effect in the room.

  • Outdoor Speakers

They are also referred to as weatherproof speakers. They are often placed outside in a sheltered area to avoid damage by exterior temperatures such as rain or sun. Outdoor speakers have inbuilt features that shield them from humidity, water, and ultra-violet rays hence they are very durable for a long period. These audiophile speakers come at a higher price because of their complex design. 


There are quite a several factors to consider when it comes to investing in audiophile speakers: the size of the room, placement, and the purpose it intends to serve. Whether indoor or outdoor speaker systems, the space limitation, and sound quality are very important in choosing a speaker that suits your needs.

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